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Preview: The 103rd Border War

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Wyoming looks to lock up a third straight Border War victory and an eight win season this weekend. The Pokes are facing a Ram that appears to be hitting rock bottom after a downward spirialing season. Injuries have taken a huge toll on the Rams and with the losses mounting it increased the pressure on fourth year coach Steve Fairchild.

The defense for the sheep was stout to start the year but has softened over time. Then starting QB Pete Thomas was injured and Fairchild burned the redshirt of Garrett Grayson to cover that position. Thomas is unlikely to play this week and we'll see Grayson get his third straight start. He is much more mobile then Thomas but his passing is not as polished. If there is one this Ram team can do it is run the ball. Chris Nwoke finally became the featured back and has responded with an impressive season. Currently he has 1,115 yards rushing and nine touchdowns.

The Rams have already lost their AD due to struggles at the school and Fairchild could very well be next. The Cowboys are a much better team then the Rams. All they really need to do is play like it. A rivalry game like this is always dangerous for the higher rated team. If the Rams are given a glimmer of hope early that can cause plenty of problems. Wyoming needs score early and then have an aggressive defense to break the will out of the Rams. I'll be there at the game and hope there is a big contingent of Wyoming fans who made the trip down