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Thoughts on my trip to Laramie

Well I'm back home in the Pacific Northwest after spending the last few days on the Front Range.  Spent my time visiting my brother and his family who live in Fort Collins.  Yes, he is a Rams fan but I still accept him since we're related by birth.  Plus Wyoming has won the last two Border Wars so that helps.

I was able to convince him to attend the Wyoming/TCU basketball game along with my twin four year old nephews.  It was great to get Laramie for a few hours even it was just for the game.  When you live 1,200 miles away from Laramie it is always fun to watch the Cowboys play live. 

Here are some of my thoughts on the play by the Pokes and the atmosphere.

Great to see a Cowboy victory.  The players and fans had waited a long time for this one and it was well deserved.  Wyoming look like a much different team then the first half  of the conference schedule.  Fred Langley is loose on the sidelines and it seems to have energized the team. 

I like how Langley has decided to use the bench much more in his first two games.  Daylen Harrison and Joe Hudson both played over 20 minutes.  We need these two players to develop and the more playing time they get now the better.  Most of the season their playing time has been pretty spotty up until now.

Amath M'Baye is truly coming into his own right now.  Best play of the game was when blocked the layup on the breakaway and then came back to hit a shot while being fouled on the next play.  I feel like the core group of Desmar Jackson, Francisco Cruz and Amath M'Baye could do a solid job for the Pokes next year.  Add in transfer F Leonard Washington and that is a nice starting lineup.  

The crowd of 4,504 was really into the game and having a great time.  They even did the wave during the game which lots of people are saying they haven't seen done in years.  In the poll that done was done before the game most people though there would be less than 4,500 at the game.  

The halftime entertainment was great.  They had a contest where three babies had to crawl to half court.  It was hilarious watching the first two kids just lay on the ground while baby #3 made steady progress.  All of a sudden baby #2 started moving and grabbed the come from behind victory.  Also they threw out t-shirts every time Wyoming hit a three pointer.  That promotion isn't very exciting most nights but they hit nine in this game.

After the game I stopped at the Brown and Gold outlet to get a new Wyoming hat.  My other one was at least four years old.

Next up Wyoming heads to Utah to face the struggling Utes.  Can the Pokes use their momentum to gain their first road victory of the season?