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The case for Blaine Taylor as the next Wyoming Basketball Coach

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The two most popular names circulating in the search for a new basketball coach are Billy Gillispie and Larry Shyatt.  Both of them are coaches that have had successful careers with several teams.  There is another out there named Blaine Taylor out of Old Dominion that should get a lot more interest in the process. 

I know that Gillispie would the sexy pick and would certainly bring a big name to Wyoming.  He does have baggage with his arrest for a DUI but he has undergone treatment and says he is passed that.  While Gillispie is a turn around artist but how long would he stay in Laramie? 

Shyatt had the job at Wyoming in 97-98 and left for Clemson after just one year.  That wasn't the easiest break up and some Wyoming fans are still mad with his quick departure.  He has familiarity with the school and program but would he stay in Laramie and really build the team or jump again?

If Blaine Taylor was hired he would be the candidate that you could feel confident about building the program and sticking around for the long run.  He spent four years as a head coach at Montana, three years at Stanford as an assistant and then the past 10 years building the Monarchs of Old Dominion.

Taylor has Montana roots and his mom still lives there and watches as many of his games as possible.  The chance to move closer to family would be a big draw for the Virginia based coach.  At 53 years old Taylor probably isn't looking to make many more big moves and would want to create a long term position for himself like he has done at Old Dominion. 


In his first two years at Old Dominion the Monarchs finished with 13 and 12 wins.  Since then they have never finished with less than 17 wins and have been contenders in the Colonial Athletic Association.  He currently has deal that runs till 2015 and would involve a buyout if he left for another college coaching job.  He is currently earning $212,000 per year which is something that Wyoming should be able to exceed.    

The Monarchs are currently 22-6 and will be in the NIT if not the NCAA tournament.  That means it be awhile before Taylor could be announced as the next head coach if his team is still playing.



  • Long term coach.  Won't jump at the first opportunity which is something Wyoming fans aren't used to.  To have a long stretch of success would be a breath of fresh air for Cowboy fans.
  • Has Montana roots so he knows the West.  Not a "Wyoming" guy but Montana is pretty darn close.
  • That mustache is incredible! 
  • No baggage.  No arrest record and hasn't burned Wyoming before.