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National Corndog Day is Almost Here!

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You may be unaware that Saturday is actually a major holiday.  The first Saturday of the NCAA Tournament is commemorated by the gluttonous feast known as National Corndog Day.  If you have never participated in this sacred event then you are truly missing out and I question your patriotism.  This will be my fourth year participating and every year it just gets better and better.   

So what exactly does a person do on National Corndog Day?  Well the answer is simple:

  1. Watch Basketball
  2. Eat Corndogs
  3. Eat Tater Tots
  4. Drink Beer. 

You should now realize why is this such a great pastime and is basically like Thanksgiving Day for college hoops fans.  There is a even a "TRIPLE DOUBLE" competition that can attempt during the day. 

To complete this gutbusting feat you must consume all of the following throughout the day:

  1. 10 CornDogs
  2. 10 Drinks (Beers)
  3. 10 Units of Tater Tots. One Unit = 10 Tots. So 100 tots total.

I've attempted this a couple times and it has never gone well for me.  Eating 100 tater tots fills you up with a lot that starch but the toughest part for me is the beer.  I always drink my beer pretty slow and can't consume mass quantities anymore.  There is also an option for a double double if you want to complete two of the three items.

If your curious about the origins of the holiday it started in someones basement back in 1992.  So that makes it a pretty legit holiday.   You're going to sit on the couch all day Saturday anyways, you might as well enjoy it with your friends while eating some meat dipped in batter on a stick. 

If you've heard about NCD before then post your thoughts and memories in the comments.  Ever completed the triple double?  Will you try it this year?

This National Corndog Day is also a special one for me as my daughter will being turning one year old .  Her best gift will be trying a corndog for the first time ever. 

Here is the official website for National Corn Dog in case you missed it.  I am no way affiliated with National Corndog Day or their sponsors.  Just a passionate fan of the holiday and I wanted to share it with others and spread the golden goodness.