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Reading Roundup: News Worth Reading

Time to get caught up on news and tidbits coming out of Wyoming.  Lots happening right now so check out all these links.

  • If haven't heard of Mark Nzeocha yet then should get very familiar now.  The 21 year old freshman from Germany enrolled for spring quarter and is part of the 2011 recruiting class.  He started of spring drills as the the third string safety and has now progressed as the starting OLB opposite Brian Hendricks.   
  • Check out this video interview with Nzeocha that was done in October.  You just need to know to German in order to understand.  My year of intensive German is failing me but I did pick up on: Wyoming, International Business, 1AA and Colorado State sucks.  I might have added that last one in myself.
  • Kyle Magnuson is 6-6 320lbs and will see time at guard and tackle this year.  The big fella has really bought into the program and his hard work is paying off with more playing time.  
  • Wyoming diver Kyle Murdock earned Honorable Mention All-American with his 12th place finish on the platform.
  • Brand Miller earned himself a scholarship and more reps at running back through hard work.  He is currently listed as the #2 RB on the spring depth chart.