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Thoughts on the hire of Larry Shyatt

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Well the 50+ day long coaching search is over and Larry Shyatt is back at Wyoming in one of the craziest comeback stories in a long time. He spends year in Laramie, leaves for Clemson and then Wyoming sues him and he sues back over a buyout clause. He settles out of court for $265k and now is back?

Not very often you and your employer file lawsuits and you end back together 11 years later. Shyatt had success at Wyoming and set up future teams for success with the foundation he layed. The way he left town burned several bridges with fans and those wounds never healed. This hire is certain to upset a fair portion of the fan base but those that wanted a high quality coach should be very happy.

I'll admit that during the process my two favorite candidates were Blaine Taylor and Mike Dunlap. Once Florida got eliminated the interest in Shyatt really spiked. When look at his resume it really is impressive what he did in his one year at Wyoming as solid and has been incredible at Florida while working with Billy Donovan.

  • Experience at Wyoming - Check
  • Defensive Coach - Check
  • History of Winning - Check

When you put the personal feelings away it is impossible deny that he is a great coach. With the way he left it is incredible that he came back and put himself in the situation where he will face the fans that he hurt so long ago. Talk about manning up in a big way. He turned down several job offers at other schools the last couple years.

It would have been the easiest thing in the world for him to stay in Gainesville for another five years and then retire and buy a house on the beach. Instead he signed a five year deal to come to Laramie and the wind and snow. He has a connection with Wyoming and wanted to turn around the program that has struggled over the past decade.

Not everyone will be happy with the hire and that is their right. But for someone that really was looking elsewhere I have to say I'm very happy with the decision that Wyoming made and they staff they are bringing into support Larry.

It will be a very interesting off season to see what changes happen with the new crew coming on board. Some turnover is natural but there is also be a chance for Shyatt to bring some new players. Wyoming only has one open scholarship available for 2011-12 but that number could increase if any transfers.