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Mountain West Roundtable: Discussion on the 2011 Football Schedule

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With April in full effect it is time for the second edition of the Mountain West Roundtable.  This time the good folks over at Mountain West Connection are hosting the discussion.  The topic is the MWC football schedule where we breakdown the top games and what hits and misses there are.

Check the full April Roundtable at Mountain West Connection.  We also did another power poll where we ranked all the teams.  The final results are posted below.  I stuck with Wyoming at #5 and didn't earn any homer awards this month so that is a positive.

1. Boise State (6)
2. TCU
3. San Diego State (1)
4. Air Force
5. Colorado State
7. Wyoming
8. New Mexico

Next month it is our turn to host the roundtable and I'm sure we'll have a great discussion.  I already have the topic picked out but will keep it secret till the time is ready.

If you missed the first roundtable where we discussed expansion then click here.