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Wyoming Lands Center Lekan Ajayi - QAE Winston-Salem, NC

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Wyoming basketball landed a big addition in the terms of talent and size to their 2011 recruiting class.  Center Lekan Ajayi from Quality Education Academy committed and signed with Wyoming on Wednesday afternoon.  Sites have him listed as standing between 6'9-6'11 and weighing 235lbs.  He instantly fills the gap at center behind Adam Waddell and should expect to see plenty of minutes right away. 

The competition from schools recruiting Ajayi was fierce and the Cowboys beat out several larger schools like Missouri, Auburn, Wake Forest, and Seton Hall.  ESPN has him rated as a three star prospect and rated 89 out of 100.  He was one of the few quality big men that were still available and there was plenty of speculation on where he would end up.  

Adam Zagoria first reported the news of the signing and spoke with Ajayi over the phone.

"I narrowed it down to LMU and Wyoming," Ajayi, originally from Lagos, Nigeria, said by phone.

"It’s a great situation because they have a great business management course and, plus, as a freshman I get to play a lot to help them win a championship."

The fact he choose Wyoming shows the incredible recruiting ability of Coach Shyatt and Scott Duncan.  After Ajayi visited a couple weeks ago I was doubtful that he would commit based on the other schools that had already offered him.  This is truly eye opening that they have been able to land such quality recruits so quickly.  Most Wyoming fans can hardly believe the job that has been accomplished so soon.

His Nigerian roots were an important reason why Ajayi chose Wyoming.  During his first tenure at Wyoming Shyatt recruited Ugo Udezue who is also Nigerian and went on to star for the Cowboys.  The connection between Shyatt and Udezue helped Ajayi decide to head to Laramie.  Udezue lives in Denver and is very connected within the Nigerian basketball community.  

Expect Ajayi to be a dominant defensive force for the Pokes and on the boards.  That will be perfect for the type of pressure defense that Shyatt plans on installing.  Despite his size he moves well and get up and down the court easily.  On offense his post game is a work in progress but he can get to the rim easily if there is an opening.

The University has yet to release an announcement confirming the signing but it should happen on Thursday.  Perhaps the press release could feature a second signing. SG Evan Conti from Holy Cross HS in Flushing NY just visited Quinnipac on Wednesday and may decide as soon as Thursday.