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Comcast Has Four Months to Add The Mtn. Or I'm Switching to DirectTV

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comcast the mtn
comcast the mtn

The TV deal for the Mountain West is an important issue and one fans seem to constantly discuss. The Mountain West Conference has an agreement where their home games are broadcast one of the three networks: Versus (soon to be NBC Sports), CBS Sports and the the Mtn. The third channel is devoted solely to covering Mountain West athletics and was the first network of it's kind.


Some people grumble about the Mtn. but I like the shows they produce and they focus all their attention on my favorite conference. Even if the MWC had their TV deal with ESPN, they still wouldn't talk about Wyoming. With the Mtn we get in depth coverage of the Pokes and rebroadcasts of classic games. The Mtn. has not been a money maker in large part to Comcast who has kept the distribution fairly limited since it's creation. Comcast owns half of the Mtn but. hasn't given it a national presence.

At the end of 2010 there was some progress in adding some out of area markets such as Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis and Boston. They took care of some fans on the East Coast and Midwest but left out large markets in the West where the majority of MWC fans and alumni actually live. I live in Washington State and am considered part of the Seattle market but we have no coverage of the Mountain West.

With Comcast I get Versus and pay an extra $7.99 per month for a sports package that gives me extra channels like FSC, ESPNU, MLB Network, CBS Sports, SPEED and several regional Fox College Sports stations. But the one channel I truly care about the Mtn. is the one I can't get. With the release of the MWC football schedule it means that Wyoming football will be televised on that channel eight times and I can't watch any of those games from my home.

I AM NOT WILLING TO GO THROUGH ANOTHER FOOTBALL SEASON OF NOT BEING ABLE TO WATCH MY FAVORITE TEAM. DirectTV carries the Mtn and they will gladly take my money and I am willing to give them my business, since they are providing the product I want. I've paid Comcast several thousand dollars over the last few years and that will not continue this Fall if the Mtn continues to go missing from my channel guide.

I've already called Comcast and requested they add the Mtn to their lineup in my area but nothing has changed. You've got four months to fix this issue or my business is heading elsewhere. I've also called into Comcast and spoken with a representative and given them the same information. I encourage other out of state fans of the Mountain West to do the same with their cable provider.