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Thoughts on Chris Prosinksi Being Drafted by Jacksonville

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One of the biggest surprises of the NFL Draft was the fact that former Wyoming Safety Chris Prosinski was selected in the fourth round by the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Draft gurus didn't have Prosinski on their charts being selected by any team but as well all find out the experts don't always live up to their name.

For the last two years Prosinski led the Cowboys in tackles while anchoring the secondary.  Over the last two years he has 248 tackles to his name.  The Cowboy defense did struggle the last two years but he was always a solid player.  After completing his senior year Prosinksi put all his effort into preparing for the draft and was living in Florida.  There he fine tuned himself to excel while the scouts were watching. 

Here is a great analysis from Mountain West Connection on where we may see Prosinski at the next level:

Prosinski is a special teams guy, so he should be able to see the field in some capacity in his rookie year if he keeps up those skills. Also, being a speed safety he should be able to crack the lineup with the Jags nickel and dime packages on passing downs.

Obviously when he met with the Jaguars he impressed the coaching staff and the wanted to make sure the landed him.  The fact they took him in the fourth round shows that they were leery of other teams taking him soon.  Most Wyoming fans (myself included) didn't think that Pronsinski wouldn't get drafted.  Not because he wasn't capable of at playing at the next level, but  Wyoming has had plenty of talented and NFL ready players that didn't have their name called on draft day.

Best of luck to Pro as he gets ready to head down to Jacksonville and start his career.  Hopefully this labor dispute will end quickly and there will be an NFL season so we can him play.  Wyoming has a solid seniors heading into the 2011 season and we may start a streak of Wyoming players being drafted each year.

That would be a great tradition to start! Go Pokes!