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Wyoming is the Fourth Best State at Producing NFL Players

This article is all about taking statistics and twisting them as much as possible for our benefit.  Attention college football scouts there is a new hotbed of football talent and it is not where you would expect.  Forget the warm and sunny climates in the south.  When you're looking for top talent then you'd best head to the rarefied air in Wyoming!

According to the Detroit Free Press Wyoming ranked 4th overall at producing 2011 NFL draftees per capita at one per 563,626.  The only states to edge out the Cowboy state were Mississippi (494,500), Georgia ( 509,876) and Florida (522,259).  So eat our dust California, Texas and Ohio.  In fact the Wyoming is better than every single state west of the Mississippi and north of the Mason-Dixon line.  I could write all forty four others states that are inferior in producing NFL greatness but that may appear to be rubbing things in.  You know who you are losers!

You may try and use your so called "facts" to point out that Wyoming only produced one 2011 NFL draft pick in FS Chris Prosinksi and has the smallest population in the union at 563,626.  You're just trying to muddle things here and it isn't going to work.  The total number of draft picks from each state doesn't matter so don't even try and go there.  Per capita makes everything even and you just got owned!

The University of Wyoming has the stranglehold on football talent in-state so expect plenty of more NFL stars in the future.  They had better start setting up some Elite 11 camps in Casper and Cheyenne soon to get more local players exposed to scouts.  

Congrats to Chis Prosinksi on being drafted and we wish him all the best.  Wyoming is never mentioned as recruiting hotspot so this article gave me the opportunity to spin, spin spin.  Don't you dare try and research the number of athletes from Wyoming were drafted in previous years and refute this solid data.  This single year of research is plenty and ultimately proves the dominance of Wyoming and it will never be ousted.

(HT: Tracy Ringolsby)

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