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Great Tifo by the Seattle Sounders

So I know this has nothing to do with Wyoming Football but those that haven't seen this display yet it is well worth watching. I live north of Seattle and have had season tickets to the Seattle Sounders since their first season in the MLS. Portland and Seattle have a fierce rivalry and the Timbers just made the move up to the MLS this year.

To greet the visiting Rivals the Sounders fan group Emerald City Supporters designed this tremendous Tifo display (short for the italian word "Tifosi") that cost thousands of dollars and took hundreds of hours to create. For more on the Sounders take a look at the site Sounder at Heart. I was on the far left of the display holding up the banner for Jimmy Gabriel. Unfortunately Portland scored a late goal and the game ended up 1-1.

A display this would never happen in college football. However it would be great to hold up this sign at War Memorial Stadium in two years when the Border War is back in Laramie. Take that Sheep!!!