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How The Mountain West Fared in Academic Progress Reports

Today the NCAA released the academic progress report for all D1 institutions.  These reports known as APR's are used to track the academic work that student athletes have done over the past year.  Each score over the past four years is used to produce an average or as the NCAA calls it the Multi-Year Rate.  If the scores come in to low then it can result in a loss of scholarships or post season opportunities.   

Overall the Mountain West had a successful year and has had very few academic issues historically.  San Diego State and UNLV had troubles in football academics during the mid 2000's and lost some scholarships.  While Wyoming dealt with scholarship losses at the end of the McClain era.   This year there was one penalty that levied to San Diego State Baseball who will lose 1.05 scholarships even though they improved their Mulit-Year Rate to 922 from 918.

The mark that you want to be above is 925, falling below that mark could result in penalties being handed out by the NCAA. The highest possible score is 1000.  I went ahead and posted all of the current Mountain teams as well as the future schools.  This way you can get a handle on how the new schools will fit in on the academic side.  What I've posted is the Multi-Year Rate which again covers the average of the last four years.

First off we start with the football rankings of current Mountain West Members.

School Multi-Year Rate
U.S. Air Force Academy 978
Texas Christian University 972
University of Utah 956
Colorado State University 948
University of New Mexico 947
University of Nevada, Las Vegas 947
San Diego State University 934
University of Wyoming 933
Brigham Young University 929


All of the Mountain West schools passed fairly easily.  Interesting to see BYU at the bottom of the board.  Wyoming was second to the bottom but did have a five point increase over the last years score of 928.  Not surprising to see the Air Force Academy dominate once again.  

How will the new schools fit in?  Let's take a look.

School Multi-Year Rate
Boise State 981
University of Hawaii, Mano 959
Cal State University, Fresno 952
University of Nevada 943

So all four new schools will fit in just fine academically within the Mountain West. Very impressive that Boise State actually came in higher than the Air For Academy. Wolfpack fans should be pleased that their school is listed at University of Nevada and not University of Nevada, Reno by the NCAA.

The other sport we will look at for APR is men's basketball for the Mountain West and it's future members. 

School Multi-Year Rate
Brigham Young University 991
University of Utah 990
U.S. Air Force Academy 963
University of Nevada, Las Vegas 961
Texas Christian University 943
San Diego State University 938
University of New Mexico 932
Colorado State University 914
University of Wyoming 905


The 905 score for Wyoming is well below the 925 but the Cowboys have had great progress over the last four years.  In 2006-07 the MYR for Wyoming hit 864 and has increased steadily to 884, 892 and now 905.  There is no danger of Wyoming losing scholarships since it's individual score for 2009-10 came in at a robust 979.  Colorado State suffered a loss of scholarships a year ago but have boosted their MYR significantly.  Last year the Rams had a score of just 859.

Now let's look at the three new schools that are joining the Mountain West.

School Multi-Year Rate
Boise State University 979
Cal State University, Fresno 923
University of Nevada 919


Again impressed by the academic showing by Boise State. Fresno State lands at a 923 but the Bulldogs have improved greatly over the last few years. Last year they were even higher at 928 but back in 2004-05 they ended up with a downright awful 725.  May need to watch Nevada here as their averaged has dropped the last three years.  It started at 940, went to 938 and took a big dive down to 919.