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Cowboy Altitude Adds a New Writer

I've very excited to let all of readers know that another great writer has joined the ranks here at Cowboy Altitude.  The newest addition is Skyler Corcoran a Wyoming native and former member of the Wyoming football team.  Here is more info on our newest writer.

Grew up in Dayton, WY and attended Tongue River HS where he was first team All-State.  He earned a greyshirt scholarship at Wyoming in 2005 and played wide receiver until 2007.  After that he started covering sports for the Branding Iron the campus newspaper.  Once Christensen came to Laramie, Corcoran contacted him and ended up as a student assistant coach.  He first worked with the Coach Kaligis on the offensive line and is now working with Coach Ray and the running backs.  

He just graduated from UW and is now looking to land a spot as a Grad Assistant.  He's been writing for the Examiner recently and I think you will really enjoy his writing.  Here is a piece he did on the Wyoming defensive line which he dubs the "Four Horsemen".  Great Analysis of the Wyoming QB Battle in this article. 

Only a couple months till the football news starts heating up here.  Having Skyler on board will be a great addition and bring a fresh perspective. 

Welcome to Cowboy Altitude Skyler!