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The Sky is the Limit for Larry Nance Jr.

Picture courtesy of University of Wyoming

Yesterday afternoon the University of Wyoming did a teleconference with Coach Larry Shyatt and latest addition Larry Nance Jr.  Listening to both gave me plenty of optimism for the future with the team and the development of Nance.  First off Shyatt is energetic and likes to have fun with the media.  Also he uses that same energy when meeting with recruits.  

After Shyatt visited Nance and his family in Ohio they noticed it "The second he left our house, my mom and dad were like ‘wow, that guy has some energy.’"  Definitely not what you would expect from a 60 year old coach but Shyatt always keeps things up tempo.  Shyatt also joked that he called Nance a "Praying Mantis" because the 6-7 athlete is all "arms and legs".  I suggest that his official nickname should now be "NANTIS" a combination of Nance and Mantis.  We'll see if it sticks.

The more Shyatt spoke about Nance it really seems like he could a truly special player at Wyoming.

When talking about this physical growth of Nance he compared him to Joakim Noah whom Nance coached at the University of Florida.  Noah started off playing point guard early in high school because he was barely taller than six feet.  So he became an adept ball handler and those skills never left even after he grew and changed positions.  Noah was used to playing and facing that basket as guards do, not just being a typical post player and having your back to the basket all the time.

With Nance he started off high school at 6-1 and was also a point guard.  He gained four inches before his junior year and that gave him some versatility.  He could now play multiple positions and as a senior his coach let him play every position 1-5.  Nance said in college he could play 2-4 but feels most comfortable at SF.  That really does seem the best fit for him as it a such a hybrid position that requires a unique combination of size, speed and athleticism.  

There could be more growth in the future for Nance.  While at Clemson his father added three inches and topped out at 6-10.  So it really does seem like there is plenty of room for Nance to grow and his game will also develop along the way.

There is no way to predict that Nance will have the same career as Noah or his father.  But he can certainly have a great career at Wyoming and be a key piece in turning the program around.  The new school year doesn't start till August 22 and that is when Shyatt can finally see the entire team all at once.