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Wyoming's Afam Muojeke is Recovering Well

The Wyoming Cowboys basketball team has struggled mightily the second half of the past two seasons.  A big factor in that was the loss of small forward Afam Muojeke due to injuries the last two years.  It seems so long ago but Muojeke was the MWC Freshman of the Year back in 2008 when he averaged 13.8 points and 5.3 rebounds.  He started off strong as a sophomore and was putting up 17.9 points which was good for second in the league.

Then the problems started at a game in Provo when Muojeke ruptured his patellar tendon playing against BYU.  That is a very severe injury and he was making good progress in his recovery but he may have pushed him self to hard.  He played most of the non conference schedule in 2010 but he ended up tearing his meniscus against Colorado State this winter.

"I was hurt in that game, but I tried to play through it. It didn’t go to well," Muojeke said. "After that game I thought the best thing to do was get surgery and try to get back as soon as I could."

Watching him play before the second injury you could tell he wasn't 100% and he had lost that first step that had made him some dangerous the previous two seasons.  There was some concern that his career may be over due to the number of injuries he's dealt with on one leg.  That doesn't appear to be the case and we may be able to watch Muojeke play with same ability that we loved so much as a freshman and sophomore. 

Coach Shyatt had him and Adam Waddell visit with the Denver Nuggets doctors and things appears to be progressing well.

"They told me that my knee was doing well and all I had to do was get it stronger," Muojeke added. "As long as I can keep getting it stronger and stronger, I’ll be good to go at the end of the summer."

A strong Afam Muojeke would be a huge boost for the Pokes who look to rebound from two dismal seasons.  This team is almost filled entirely with seniors or freshman.  That leadership will be needed to help right the ship and show the new players the right direction to head. 

The quotes from this article came from a story that Bob Hammond wrote on Muojeke as heads into his final year.  It is definitely worth reading.  Regardless of whether or not he ever plays another game for Wyoming, Afam Muojeke will certainly leave a big impact on the program.  He came from Jamaica Queens, NY and has really embraced his time in Laramie.  The chance to discover a new place has been exciting for him and he has made the most of his time in the West.

He is very entertaining to follow on Twitter and has great sense of humor.  He is a fun loving guy that has a unique sense of style and is truly his own person.  Every Cowboy fan wants the basketball team to improve next season.  I really want Afam to be truly healthy and be a big part of that resurgence so he can finish he his career on the high note that he and the rest of the seniors deserve.

That last paragraph may sound sappy but it's hard not to feel that strongly about seeing a good guy achieve some goals.