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How Has Larry Shyatt Done so Far at Wyoming?

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Larry Schyatt is entering his second full month as head coach at Wyoming and things are finally starting to settle down. April was a whirlwind in which he hired the rest of his staff and put together a solid recruiting class of five athletes. He did all of this well also meeting and evaluating the current players on the roster. He also had to deal with players transferring out of the program and a changing roster.

He and his wife have been living in a hotel while they look for a home and he has on the road constantly recruiting or speaking at fundraising events across the state. The hiring of Schyatt was popular with a good portion of fans but also very controversial with others. When he left after one year to head back to Clemson there were plenty of scars left across the fan base and those wounds healed very slowly.

Are the fans that were unhappy with the hire of Schyatt seeing things differently now?

Robert Gagliardi did a great two part Q&A with Shyatt where he covers a number of topics. In the first session he talks about the first 30 days as a coach and he provides some pretty candid answers about other coaches and his view on the state of basketball today.

"Most of the people I admired most in my career I don't really admire anymore because for the analysts or the writers or the public or our wives. Sometimes, they have a warm, fuzzy feeling for some people that if they knew what I knew, they wouldn't have such a warm, fuzzy feeling.

"It's disappointing. I'm one of the few basketball dinosaurs. I love the profession. It hurts me to see at that level the sellouts in that regard."

In the second edition they discuss plans for the current players as well as when they will hit the recruiting trail for 2012 and 2013. Also it looks like the the non conference schedule is set as well. That is impressive that they have completed that so quickly this year. Last year Wyoming was the very last school in the Mountain West to officially announce their basketball schedule.

"We've got the Colorado series starting, which is four years. We've got the Northern Colorado series (the 2011 game will be in Laramie). We're at Denver.

"We have the University of Seattle twice -- home-and-home and Idaho State home-and-home. Cal-State Irvine is a return game at home and Green Bay is a return game on the road.

"Bradley is a home game here in the Mountain West-Missouri Valley Challenge. There is a Division II team."

Interesting that they are playing Seattle and Idaho State twice. Riley Grabau would have a chance to face his older brother who is a guard for the Bengals. If they do end up playing in Seattle then I will definitely be in attendance. Only one Division 2 school is a step up from the D3 and D2 school victories that accounted for one fifth of the teams 10 wins last season.

If you read those articles and have a had a chance to hear Shyatt speak on the radio then it is hard not to be impressed. I know I was surprised at how well the recruiting class turned out and the attitude that Shyatt has shown. He's not a politician and just trying to kiss babies and sugarcoat everything. He is very open and candid with his remarks and seem very genuine to me.

How has he done in your opinion? Vote in the poll and post your thoughts in the comments below. What has he done right? What would you like to see? Any big surprises that you've noticed in the first five weeks?