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Junior College QB May Come to Wyoming Soon

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With the departure of  Emory Miller this week due to personal reasons it left Wyoming thin on scholarship quarterbacks.  All that were left were true freshman Brett Smith and Adam Pittser.  In a recent interview with his hometown newspaper Pittser mentioned some information that may help to see what Wyoming does before fall practice starts in August.

"It definitely opens things up," Pittser said Friday. "The kid who was here [Carta-Samuels] was really good. From the start, they said I’d compete for the starting job. Emory had some experience, but it looks like I can compete for the starting job right away."

Pittser and freshman Brett Smith are now the only scholarship quarterbacks on the roster. Pittser said there are walk-ons and a junior college player coming in who might also compete.

  Walk-on Josh Smith is now the third string QB on the depth chart.  Last week Wyoming did offer JC player Cody Sokol out of Scottsdale CC.  Sokol is qualified academically and could transfer now if he wanted.  One of the walk-on's will be Zaquoya Parham a dual threat QB out of Phoenix, AZ with a great name.    Regardless of who else comes in right now it still looks like a two man race between Smith and Pittser.

This spring the media wasn't allowed to interview Smith and Emory Miller so they could focus on practice and drills.  I'd expect a similar situation in August as both quarterbacks will have plenty of pressure on them and Christensen will want to reduce that as much as possible. 

The article also provides so other fun details on Pittser and his time in Wyoming.  He is living with a couple linemen: Nick Carson and Josh Leonard and has started on learning the ropes in Laramie.

"I love it here," Pittser said. "I haven’t had much of a chance to do anything yet; I’ve been watching film and getting with the receivers and throwing. Nick and Josh are taking care of me."