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12 Weeks Till Wyoming Vs Bowling Green

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The scent of Ohio? It is lighter fluid.

On September 17th Wyoming will have it's first road game when the Cowboys travel to Ohio to face the Bowling Green Falcons. For college football fans that love brown in their uniforms then this will truly be a feast for the eyes as the Brown and Gold Cowboys face the Orange and Brown colored Falcons.

Game time is still TBD currently and signs don't look good for this game being broadcast on an ESPN channel or even on ESPN3. Thanks a lot there world wide leader. This is exactly what happened last year when Wyoming made the trip to Toledo last year. The MAC needs to seriously get some changes made in their TV deal.

Last year the Falcons finished 2-10 after making it to the Humanitarian Bowl the year prior. The ground game was abysmal for Bowling Green who finished dead last 120 in the FBS with 62.8 yards per game. They do return senior WR Kamar Jorden who recorded 96 catches for 1109 yards in 2010. Bowling Green QB's combined to throw 12 touchdowns and 20 interceptions last year. The Wyoming secondary licks their lips.

This will be a special homecoming for new Wyoming OC Gregg Brandon who was the head coach at Bowling Green from 2003-08. No doubt he will be motivated to show his former employer what they lost.