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Athlon Sports Picks Wyoming To Finish 4-8

A number of sites are coming out with their team and conference previews now.  The most recent is Athlon Sports who forecast the final standings for the entire Mountain West.  Boise State and TCU are the top two teams with the Broncos finishing 11-1.  However for Wyoming they predicted a 4-8 finish.  Even more ridiculous is Colorado State finishing at 6-6.  The Rams will need to learn to win the Bronze Boot if they want to sniff .500 again.

Despite all the losses this past off season I really don't have the feeling that Wyoming will finish with a record as low as 4-8.  There is all this talk about starting a "freshman" quarterback and how much that will hurt the team.  Two years ago Wyoming put together six wins with an untested freshman quarterback and that was in the first year in a new system. 

No ones knows who will start at QB for Wyoming but I feel confident about both options.  Brett Smith is a hell of a competitor, leader and has really connected with his teammates.  Adam Pittser has very impressive physical skills and it's just a matter of him learning the system quickly.  It won't be easy for either one to win the starting job straight up because I think both are great prospects and it will be quite a battle.

An experienced offensive coordinator will be a huge boost to the offense and we will finally see some better play calling.  Gregg Brandon lives and breathes the spread offense and has plenty of experience to boot.  He'll make sure that the Pokes are putting up more points then what we've seen the last two seasons.

The defense will also be improved with plenty of depth on the line and with the linebackers.  With a year under their belt I'd expect the defense to be much stronger in the 4-3 now.  With the way the schedule breaks down I really don't see how Wyoming could finish with less than five wins.  First two games are FCS schools, two road games against weaker opponents in Utah State and Bowling Green.  Plus hosting UNLV and New Mexico this year who are both projected to finish with worse records then Wyoming.

Here is their full team preview from Athlon on Wyoming if you want to check it out.  It was written before Emory Miller had left the program so it is a little outdated.