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12 Weeks Till Wyoming Vs Nebraska

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Welcome to Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska. A replica of Stonehenge constructed entirely of cars.

In our first three editions voters have selected Wyoming as the winner each time by a large margin. Their strongest test of the season is a visit from the neighborly Nebraska Cornhuskers. Despite being so close and playing before, this is actually the first time that the Cornhuskers have ever made the trip to Laramie.

Wyoming season ticket sales have already reached record levels and are nearing the 10k mark. The big question is: How many of those new season tickets holders are Nebraska fans? There will certainly be a large contingent of Husker fans and the game will be a sell out well in advance. An extra two thousand seats were even added in the endzones to increase capacity north of 30,000.

This game will have mixed emotions for plenty of Cowboy fans including myself. My father's side of the family was born and raised in Nebraska and they all attended school in Lincoln. As a youngster we always visited and I saw several Cornhusker games in Lincoln and on the road. No doubt there are plenty of others like me that have ties to both schools and states.

On the field Wyoming will most likely be over-matched on both sides of the ball. The Black Shirts are back for Nebraska and the defense is potent. Last year Taylor Martinez had some amazing games leading the Husker offense as well as a few low points. Still the depth and talent on both sides of the ball is impressive.

The good news for Wyoming is that they tend to step up when playing schools from BCS Conferences. When Texas came to Laramie in 2009 the Pokes almost to the lead at halftime. Wyoming also have victories over larger schools such as Tennessee, Virginia and Ole Miss in the past decade. Playing at 7220 feet always proves difficult for any school that is from sea level or lower elevations. The weird thing is that it took forever for these two teams to play in Laramie, and now Nebraska is part of the Big 10.

The game will be broadcast on Versus which is becoming NBC Sports with a 4:30pm kickoff and a national audience will be watching. Hopefully it is a decent game and Wyoming is ready to surprise the world . The Cowboy offense and defense will really need to step up like hasn't been done in recent history.

Post your score predictions in the comments!