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Only YOU Can Prevent Compliance Violations

In the most recent edition of the Wyoming Athletics e newsletter the "Steamboat Sound" there was a note from AD Tom Burman.  There he urges Wyoming fans to help do their part to make sure that Wyoming stays violation free.

From Athletics Director Tom Burman. . .
"As we reflect on what has happened at Ohio State and other institutions, we want to reiterate how much we need the support from our fans and friends to reduce the potential of NCAA violations.  As athletic administrators and coaches we ask our external groups to help. Remember, athletes CANNOT receive a benefit that is not available to the general student body.  If you are aware of that happening, please contact our compliance office (Jessica Kumke,  Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to run a clean program of which you can be proud. If you have a question about something you see or hear regarding our student-athletes, please let us know. Thank you."


There haven't really been any complaince issues at Wyoming and I wouldn't expect any to be found soon. The one instance that occurred was an accidental tweet by a UW Administrator mentioning a Wyoming football recruit last Fall.   The more and more we find out about what is happening at Ohio State the happier I am knowing that the Cowboys should not find themselves in a similar situation.