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Wyoming WR Robert Herron Shown on Tosh.0

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On the most recent episode of Tosh.0 the Web Redemption was the Phillies fan who was tasered for running on the field.  During the build up to the segment Daniel Tosh talks about how TV cameras never shown fans when they run on the field but they will show a play involving a gruesome injury or someone getting paralyzed over and over again.  At that point is when the image above is flashed on the screen.

That picture is from last year's Wyoming - UNLV game where freshmen RB Robert Herron suffered a concussion late in the fourth quarter.  The game was already a rough one for Wyoming but the loss of Herron made it even worse.  The stadium was silent as they put him on a stretcher and then took him off the field in an ambulance.  Herron spent the night at Sunrise Hospital for observation and was released the next day.

Luckily there was not a more severe injury suffered.  Herron missed the final game of the season for precaution but has shown no ill effects since.  This spring he was moved to WR to better utilize his speed and has put himself in position to be one of the top targets on the team. 

The bad news here is that a Wyoming player was shown on TV after a tragic event.  The positive is that they weren't shown on Tosh.0 in an embarrassing video.  And for that we thank you.

Here is the link to the entire video clip.  It is intended for mature audiences so you can decide for yourself if you qualify.  The picture of Herron shows up at the 29 second mark.