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Wyoming Will Debut Brown Helmets and New Road Uni's in 2011

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The Brown helmet is back! In 2011 Wyoming is bringing back the long forgotten brown helmet that was last worn for the 1975-76 season. Also a new white uniforms for road games will be utilized that is basically a white version of the alternate "yellow" uniforms that debuted last year and have WYO printed across the chest.

"We've developed an outstanding relationship with Nike during our time here at Wyoming," said Cowboy head coach Dave Christensen . "Nike provides us the highest quality game and practice gear available, and they have worked with our equipment staff to develop a variety of uniform options for our team. Our goal is to build a first class program, and that means playing first class, acting first class and looking first class. Nike helps us look first class, and that also carries over to how recruits perceive our program. We couldn't be happier with the look of our new uniforms.

"We hope Cowboy fans like the new options, and we want to invite our fans to vote for our opening day uniforms."

Starting in August Wyoming fans can vote online for the uniform that Wyoming will wear for the season opener against Weber State. I absolutely LOVE the new all Brown helmets, great redesign here. They have a very similar look to the new Arizona State helmets with the matte finish.

The new brown helmet features a flat finish with a glossy brown "Bucking Horse" logo, trimmed in dark brown and white, and a matching, glossy single stripe down the center of the helmet. The last time Wyoming wore a brown helmet was the 1975 and `76 seasons under then head coach Fred Akers.

The tough part here is deciding color combination of helmet/uniform/pants to vote for in the contest. The University posted a photo gallery of the entire list of different combinations to help you decide. I'm partial to the all brown look: helmet, top and pants. Or possibly the brown helmet with gold jersey.

There is sure to be plenty of debate on which one is best. Love to see the aggressiveness from Wyoming when it comes to marketing and improving the look of the Pokes. The brown helmet is intimidating and I would not want to get hit by someone wearing that bad boy.

Here is LB Korey Jones showing off the new helmet and road white top.

I'm still not a big fan of the brown pants with "Cowboys " down the side.