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2011 Wyoming Football Schedule Poster

Pictured from left to right: CB Marqueston Huff, DE Gabe Knapton, LB Oliver Schober, DE Josh Biezuns, CB Tashaun Gipson, LB Brian Hendricks, OL Josh Leonard, WR Mazi Ogbonna, OL Nick Carlson

Another great sign that we are getting close to football season!  Poster Schedules!!!!  The poster was released before the new brown helmets debuted so they couldn't wear those. 

Thoughts on the poster?  I like the yellow uniforms with yellow background and the helmets behind them.  Notice the play diagrams further in the background?  Nice touch there.  The majority of this group is seniors with Quest Huff being just a sophomore.  Leonard and Carlson are also juniors.  Surprising that none of the running backs are shown on the poster.

Love having the Bronze Boot placed in the center of the poster.  Another solid job by the Wyoming Athletics department on the poster this year.  Haven't seen the posters for any other MWC schools yet.  Would be interested to see what the other schools came up with this year.