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Boise State and Wyoming Setting Records for Football Ticket Sales

At least two Mountain West schools have had some very busy ticket offices this summer.  Boise State and Wyoming are about to or have already set records for football season ticket sales.  This is certainly a strong sign to have these sales being so high with more then a month until football season kicks off.

Wyoming has already set a new season ticket record and broken the 10,000 mark for the first time ever.  As of July 15th less then 500 season tickets remain.  The previous record was 8,336 which was set back in 2009 when Texas played in Laramie.  This year Nebraska is playing at Wyoming and that has certainly peaked the interest of fans.  The big concern for Cowboy fans is how many fans will be decked out in red and white when the Huskers roll into town.

There is sure to be plenty of Nebraska fans but they only way they can get tickets now is by buying season tickets.  Individual tickets were sold out long ago because Cowboy Joe Club members had first shot at extra tickets and gobbled them up.  Wyoming fans bought as many as they could and Wyoming even added a couple thousand more seats with end zone bleachers for that game.

Bronco fans are definitely excited for the move to the Mountain West.  Boise set a season ticket record of 22,296 last year and just 250 away from hitting that mark once again.  No doubt that Boise will break the 23,000 mark this year.  Obviously Bronco fans can't wait to see Wyoming play in Boise on Thanksgiving weekend.  The crazy thing is how expensive season tickets are for Boise State, prices range from $212 to $364.  

I guess winning a couple BCS games will increase demand which allows you to jack up the price.  Boise is also working on removing the track from their stadium so that they can add additional seating in the future.  

Removing the track from Bronco Stadium will make room for additional seating for the Broncos’ highly ranked football program. Boise State has outlined a phased-in expansion that could eventually increase capacity at Bronco Stadium from its current 33,500 to 53,000. No timeline has been given for stadium expansion. 

Their stadium looks much larger on TV but it really only holds a couple thousand more fans than War Memorial Stadium.  I looked for more info on other Mountain West schools having record years for season tickets but didn't find anything.  Thought San Diego State would be doing well at least.  They probably can't even give away Lobo tickets right now.