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13 Weeks Till Wyoming At Utah State

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All of our previous editions have been 12 weeks till... well this time it is 13 weeks since Wyoming enjoys a bye week after playing Nebraska. The bye week comes at a perfect time after completing one third of the season and facing the Huskers. Last year Wyoming had no bye weeks and it wore down the team. They actually enjoy a second bye week just two weeks later.

This game has a late 6pm MST start and no word yet on any television broadcast yet. I'm not going to hold my breath for ESPN to pick this one up. The Aggies host Weber State the week after Wyoming does, so that will give us chance to see how the two teams fared against a common opponent. The week prior Wyoming fans will be rooting for Utah State as they play in Provo against independent BYU.

Utah State fans always say that their team is just about to turn a corner and become a contender in the WAC. It's taken 30 years to get around that corner and it still hasn't happened. Last year the lost a close season opener to Oklahoma and beat BYU. Their only other wins came against Idaho State, New Mexico State and San Jose State.

This is the first of a four game series between Utah State and Wyoming. Winning this game on the road will be crucial if Wyoming wants to sniff a bowl game this year. The mascot for the Aggies is "Big Blue" who turns out is a bull. I always thought he was actually a Minotaur. Anyways I thought a picture of a Cowboy riding a bull (and winning) was an appropriate picture in this case.

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