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14 Weeks Till Wyoming Vs TCU

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This is the final year that TCU and Wyoming will meet as conference foes. After this I wouldn't really expect a series with the Big East bound Horned Frogs to continue. There doesn't seem to be any major bad blood between TCU and the other Mountain West schools that would stop it from happening. There just isn't that much incentive for either team to play each other.

The only reason I could see a future game being played between Wyoming and TCU is because Wyoming recruits heavily in Texas. Does anyone really think that TCU will stay in the Big East forever? Not really. They've been the wandering nomads of college football ever since the old SWC broke up. First the WAC, then C-USA and finally the Mountain West. Conference USA was the only league that fit geographically for TCU. When the next round of conference shuffling occurs TCU may find themselves in yet another conference.

Last year TCU knocked off Wisconsin in one of the best Rose Bowls I've seen. Gone are Andy Dalton, Jeremy Kerley and some other key figures. But there is still plenty of depth and key members from their powerful running game returning. Ed Wesley ran for 1,064 yards and 11 touchdowns last year. His backup Matthew Tucker gained 684 yards and 7 scores. Both will be back to taunt opposing defenses this year.

The good news is that game is being played in Wyoming on November 5th. The elevation will be in the Cowboys favor and TCU hates playing in the cold. I attended the game where Wyoming last beat TCU, the bad part is that happened way back in 2007. The week afterwards TCU will make their big road trip up to Boise for their toughest game of the year. Catching the Horned Frogs looking a week ahead is certainly possible here. That said Gary Patterson always has his teams ready.

I do wish that Utah was still in the Mountain West. I am happy as hell that BYU is gone. I will readily admit that I will miss TCU in 2012. They did things the right way and Patterson runs a quality program. Also their Showgirls made every game that was televised much more entertaining. Unfortunately we can not say the same thing about Boise State and their halftime entertainment.

A Wyoming victory here would be fantastic but it certainly won't be easy. The last three times these teams have meet the Horned Frogs have won: 54-7, 45-10, and 45-0. That is an ugly trend that may be hard to change.