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2011 Mountain West Media Days Run July 26th and 27th

Once the conference starts meeting with the media you can really tell that football season is getting close.  The Mountain West Conference is holding their media days in Las Vegas and it will be a great way to get the latest from all the coaches, key players and commissioner Craig Thompson.

The MWC has created a central hub for the entire schedule of events that can check out.  There is also a contest where you can submit questions to coaches and win a copy of the Lindy's 2011 Mountain West preview if your question is asked.


After the jump I've posted the key dates and times for Wyoming fans.  We will be posting up articles in the evenings but for the most up to date coverage make sure you follow us on our our Twitter account

Tuesday, July 26th

9:30-9:45am PACIFIC

Mick McGrane of the Mountain West will be live chatting with Josh Biezuns and Brian Hendricks.


Tuesday, July 26th

1:30 -1:45pm PACIFIC

Coach Christensen, Josh Biezuns and Brian Hendricks will take questions from the media and it will be live streamed.


Wednesday, July 27th

8-9am Pacific

Commissioner Craig Thompson will give his state of the conference speech.  Hopefully he will have some important news to share that includes increased distribution of the Mtn.