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Cowboys Picked Sixth In Mountain West, Quotes and Preseason Picks

Mountain West media days are upon us and there haven't been a ton of surprises as far as Wyoming goes.  The media voted on the conference standings and the Cowboys were picked to finish sixth.  Only UNLV and New Mexico were picked lower.  The only question mark in the standings for me was if Colorado State or Wyoming would be ranked higher.  Obviously CSU ended up higher by 24 points which is somewhat alarming.  Even scarier is that UNLV was just three points behind Wyoming. 

Boise State picked up most of the love from the press as expected and then TCU took the leftovers.  I can understand that everyone outside the program is alarmed that our starting QB is gone and there is "no way" that Wyoming can possibly win with a freshman QB.   Except the Pokes did win with a true freshman QB just two years ago and now have an actual thing called depth which hasn't existed in Laramie in several years.     

Most of these preseason polls are made so that fans can bitch about where their team was picked.  The post season standings is what really matters most.  Here is the full breakdown if you are curious.   

1. Boise State (28) 236

2. TCU (3) 208

3. Air Force 176

4. San Diego State 160

5. Colorado State 104

6. Wyoming 80

7. UNLV 77

8. New Mexico 39


Senior DE Josh Biezuns was the lone Cowboy to earn preseason All-Mountain West honors this year.  More love for Kellen Mooreand his Broncos as well as LB Tank Carder from TCU.  Biezuns has been picked to be first or second team by every media outlet that has done a preseason team.

I still don't understand all the support for UNLV WR Phillip Paynewho has been a fixture on every first team preseason list.  The Rebels will be starting a new QB and Payne had disciplinary issues with Hauck last season.  He's had over 600 yards receiving the last two years but is there really a chance that he'll do more then that in 2011?   

Here are some interesting quotes from Christensen, Brian Hendricksat their press conference this afternoon.  Also below is a video interview with Josh Biezuns

Christensen: "I've seen 1 QB practice 15 times and the other never practice. I have no idea what's going to happen."


Christensen: we're bigger, stronger and faster and we're going to play that way.