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One Coach, One Rose and Two Freshman Quarterbacks

Who will Dave Christensen choose?
Who will Dave Christensen choose?

On August 3rd the courtship of Dave Christensen will begin by two young suitors. Both gentleman are looking to earn the title of starting quarterback for the Wyoming Cowboys. Neither has played a snap of Division 1 football yet. This next quote from Christensen basically sums where the staff is starting out here with each player.

"I've seen one QB practice 15 times and the other never practice. I have no idea what's going to happen."

So this will be a busy time over the next few weeks to try and determine who is ready to really lead the team. The Pokes will have four scrimmages over the first 2.5 weeks to try and see if one player is ready to stand out and take the reins. The whole things seem eerily like a mix of The Bachelor and Twilight to me. Someone will have to be named the starter unless neither is really able to step up. That seems unlikely and in the end one will be getting the majority of the playing time. Months ago Wyoming fans were making predictions on who would end up as the starting quarterback. At first there were three options after Emory Miller left there are only two: Team Smith and Team Pittser.

Disclaimer: I've never read any of the Twilight books but have seen the movies when they came out on DVD thanks to my wife. I have no idea what happens at the end of Twilight and don't care to find out until I'm forced to watch it.

TEAM BRETT SMITH (Twilight Version: Team Jacob)

The veteran Smith enrolled early at Wyoming in January to get a jump on learning the system and take part in spring drills. Coming out of West Salem, Oregon he was the Oregon Gatorade Player of the Year. He was a four year starter in high school and the last three years he ran the offense from the shotgun. He now has fifteen official practices under his belt and outplayed Miller during the scrimmages and spring game. In the spring game he went 16 of 24 for 153 yards with an interception. He also gained 22 yards on the ground and scored on a three yard touchdown run. Throughout the spring he was quite accurate and averaged 66% pass completion in scrimmages and the spring game.

There have been positive reports this summer of him working hard in the gym and excelling at 7on7 drills. His teammates appear to all be jealous of his 12 pack.

TEAM ADAM PITTSER (Twilight Version: Team Edward)

The mysterious candidate here is one Adam Pittser out of Richmond, IL. Last year he showed off skills that made scouts drool across the country and was named runner up at the 2010 Elite 11 competition. He beat out players that were headed to programs like USC, Miami, Oklahoma and Stanford. His arm strength was rated as one of top five in the nation. Despite all these skills and honors that he showed off in these camps he wasn't able to utilize them often in high school.

Pittser's school ran a run heavy Delaware Wing T offense and produced three 1,000 yard rushers in a season. As a result he was only able to throw the ball an average of six times per game. The skills are obviously there and it makes fans get all starry eyed and excited when they talk about them. The only question mark is how long will take for him to adjust to the new offensive scheme and will those skills that blew away scouts like summer show up this August.