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Mountain West Roundtable: Picking Out The Big Games

Saved by the bell!

The July roundtable is now up at Mountain West Connection.  And it was posted with a few hours left before August actually started.  This month we discussed which big games we are looking forward to this year.   This picture above is from UNLV and Wisconsin who played in Vegas last year.  This year the Rebels head to Madison to take on the Badgers to actually kick start football season on a Thursday.

Did that game make the cut?  Find out what games were picked and to see some sexy Gator fans.

Hope the Rebels can put up a better fight this year.  I like the Versus announcers, they certainly bring some excitement to the game.  I wonder the play by play guy talks with that much energy all the time.  

It is our turn to host the Mountain West Roundtable this month.  If you have any suggestions for a topic post it in the comments.  The more ridiculous the better!