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Wyoming Defense Steps Up in First Scrimmage

FFor theThe part of the news regarding the defense is going to bad but the rest will be positive.  After the scrimmage Coach Christensen announced that Senior LB Oliver Schober wil use a medical redshirt this year.  Schober had injured his shoulder at the end of last year.  He had surgery in the off season and did not participate in the spring practices afterwards.  Losing Schober for this year is rough but now it allows Christensen the option of an all German linebacker corp consisting of Schober, Mark Nzeocha and Alex Borgs in 2012.   

Wyoming threw some new wrinkles into the defense scheme today and the #1 Defense had fairly successful day.  Here are a few tidbits that Eric Schmoldt noted on the performance of the defense.  

I was pretty enthralled by the different looks that the UW defense gave. Quite often they seemed to play three safeties in Luke Ruff, Kenny Browder and Luke Anderson. They threw blitzes out there, including some impressive corner blitzes from Marqueston Huff.

That is music to Pokes fan ears.  Blitzes???? Yes! Finally!  Last year the defense barely put any pressure on the quarterback and this allowed them to tear up the secondary for big passing plays.  The #1 defense was much stronger then the #2 offense all game long.  The #2 defense did not fair so well against the # offense.  Will be interesting to see when/if they do any 1's vs 1's series in the future.      

Here are a few stats and performances that stand out for the defense.

  • CB Marqueston Huff with six tackles, two sacks and four TFL.
  • CB Tashaun Gipson picked off Adam Pittser.
  • LB Mark Nzeocha had seven tackles, one sack, two TFL and a safety.
  • LB Brandon James had nine tackles.
  • FS Andrew Meredith with nine tackles.
  • LB Alex Borgs had 8 tackles.
  • DE Mark Willis with six tackles, two sacks and three TFL.  Looks he is fully recovered after injuring his knee last season.  

For the full listing of offensive and defensive stats check out the full stats release.