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14 Weeks Till Wyoming At Boise State

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Finally Wyoming and Boise State will meet as conference members. Hopefully this game will turn out better then the non-conference meetings that have happened before. Last year was an embarrassing loss at home 51-6. It was night game that was televised on CBS Sports and was the debut of the new yellow alternate uniforms and helmet.

This year the game is being playing on Thanksgiving in Boise which is a bummer for me. For a couple years I had been planning on driving to this game from Western Washington when it was originally a non-conference game that was scheduled for September. Because Boise State joined the Mountain West it was moved to a weekend that is devoted to family and high travel costs. So I will be watching this one from home unfortunately.

We all know the Broncos won't be wearing be wearing their all blue uniforms for this game. But what will Wyoming wear? I hope they go with a traditional uniform that won't look awful on the blue field. White helmet, white top, brown pants. Boise is favored to win the Mountain West and again contend for a national championship.

Can Kellen Moore handle the responsibilities of school, football and married life all at once? Will he be able to bring a Heisman Trophy to the Mountain West? Plenty to watch for this season for Boise State as a member of the Mountain West.

Post your score predictions in the comments!