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Wyoming Position Battles, Moves and Injuries

Plenty of updates happening for Wyoming right now.  Less than a week left of practice and there are still a number of position battles happening on both sides of the ball.  Before that let's take a look at the MASH unit.


H-Back Bryson Studnicka is out for the season after injuring himself last week.  As a result DE Mat Birkeness and DT Riley were moved over to H-Back to add some depth at the position.  

TE Spencer Bruce will miss two months which is very unfortunate.  Bruce was having a great camp and offered a big target for the passing game.  

RB Nehemie Kankolongo will redshirt this year after injuring himself early practice and spending the last week on crutches.  Wyoming has four strong candidates at RB already so this will give Kongo plenty of time to heal up properly and get ready for the spring.  

OL Daniel Fleischman is progressing well and may be available around the second week of the season.  He will had some nice depth to the line which is already looking stronger.


John Hutchkins and Clayton Kirven are battling hard at left tackle.  Meanwhile Josh Leonard and Kyle Magnuson are duking it out at right tackle.

Brandon Miller had 99 yards rushing the second scrimmage and has proven that his spring performance was no fluke.  Miller and Alexander are competing for the starting tailback job right now.

Freshmen WR Dominic Ruffran has been practicing with the 1's the past few days and is making the case for more playing time.  He led the team with 8 catches and 63 yards last scrimmage.

Kicker battle alert!  Daniel Sullivan and Stuart Williams are battling for the job for kickoffs and field goal duty.  Both have been banged up and not overly impressive so far.  Sullivan struggled last Friday and only five of his ten field goal attempts.  He only made one field goal further then 23 yards.  Sullivan was seven of ten with a long of 41.  Keep your eye on this battle of the next week.

Plenty of contenders on punt returns.  The current candidates are: Chris McNeil, Trey Norman and Kody Sutton.  Norman has impressed me this spring after making the transition from high school quarterback to college receiver. I think it would be great watching micro machine Kody Sutton zoom through the defense who wouldn't even be able to see him.  

For kick returns the top tandem will consist of two players from this group: Alexander, Ghaali Muhammad, Dominic Rufran, Luke Ruff, Sutton and Luke Anderson.  Muhammad has the most experience on the team at returning for Wyoming.  Anderson is either the fastest or fastest Poke and it would be great to see what he could do with the ball.

Brett Smith has not been named the starter at QB but it certainly looks that way.  Adam Pittser and Corey Kirkegaard will be battling it out for the backup position.