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Help Make Cowboy Altitude Even Better This Year!

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The one year anniversary of Cowboy is coming up here at the end of this month.  We're very happy with the growth of the site and all of the wonderful readers who frequent the site.  We certainly try our best to cover the Pokes but do realize that our current staff can't cover every sport at Wyoming. We really want to make the 2011-12 year even better on the site and one that is more enjoyable.

So here are a few easy ways that you can help make Cowboy Altitude even better as we head into our second year.

  • Comment on our articles.  If you agree with something we said let us know.  If you don't agree then certainly give us your take on things.  This is a great community to interact with other Wyoming fans.
  • Participate in the Open Game Threads.  It has been several months since we last hosted a game thread since there haven't been any games.  As a refresher during the season we post an open game thread during each football or basketball game where you can stop and comment while you listen to the game on the radio or watch on TV.  Another great way to interact with other fans while the Pokes play.
  • Write for Cowboy Altitude!  If you enjoy writing and rooting for Wyoming then we are certainly to hear from you.  How much you can write is flexible and depends on your schedule.  If you want to just cover a specific sport like wrestling or Cowgirl basketball then you can certainly do that.  If you love trolling the internet for interesting articles and want to compile the Reading Roundup one or two times a week that would be great.  If you are interested please click on my profile link and then just shoot me an email.  
  • Follow us on Twitter!  I know Twitter can be scary if you have never used it.  But you want to stay up to date on the latest breaking news for Wyoming, college football and other events then there is no better resource.  Check out our Twitter page and after you create an account you can follow us.

  • Be our friend on Facebook!  Please be our friend, pretty please.....!  If you are addicted to Facebook like most internet users then might as well add as a friend on Facebook.  Another great way to get the latest from Cowboy Altitude quickly and easily.

  • Create a FanPost or FanShot. Have a story or thought you want to post up?  Become a member on Cowboy Altitude for Free and then you can create your own content on the site that others can read.    

    Thanks so much for reading Cowboy Altitude and making this site so well visited over the last couple months.  Our readership is growing and we want to keep that ball rolling.  If you have any other thoughts or suggestions for the sites then just post them in the comments below or send me an email.

  • Thanks again and Go Pokes!