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16 Weeks Till Wyoming At Colorado State

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First off my math got messed up due to the bye weeks and so most of my previous posts were off by a couple weeks. So all the posts that say 14 weeks should instead be 16 weeks. Basic math aside let us get down to business.

This is is the most important game of the year: The Border War. Wyoming try and make it three straight wins and make sure the Bronze Boot stays in Laramie another year. The last time the Cowboys three in a row was from 1987 to 1989. Coach Christensen can certainly put himself in elite company among Wyoming coaches if he can get the three peat.

Also due to both teams having two bye weeks this year this will be the first time these teams have met in December. Last year the Pokes dominated on both sides of the ball for the lopsided 44-0 victory. That was glorious to watch and put gave Poke fans a reason for optimism heading into the off season.

This game could have even larger implications as both teams could be fighting for a bowl bid. I at least hope that Wyoming is still in the hunt for a bowl bid here. The Rams have had a rough fall camp but they are still excited about QB Pete Thomas who is now a sophomore. We'll see what fate awaits him this year.