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Video Highlights Of Each Wyoming Football Class

Wyoming posted videos focusing on every year of the Wyoming football team during fall camp.  Instead of posting them one at a time we decided to put them all together into one post. We start with the seniors and then work our way down to the freshmen.

Great to have the fall camp finished and now there are less then two weeks left till the season kicks off.  The next big piece of news that we are waiting on is the updated depth chart to be released on August 29th.  Then we can truly get a sense of how the coaches viewed the efforts by the players.  Depth will finally be something that Wyoming has this year and there were a number of freshmen that were competing for backup spots right away.

One thing that we do know is true freshmen cornerback Blair Burns is the #3 corner and will be the first one off the bench.  We'll see what other shakeups happen on the 29th.