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Former Wyoming QB Austyn Carta-Samuels Ends Up At Vanderbilt

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We can finally close the door on the Austyn Carta-Samuels at Wyoming.  After leaving Laramie in January he finally has his new school eight months later.  He is enrolling at Vanderbilt where he will sit out the 2011 season due to transfer rules.  Then in 2012 he can compete for the starting job for perennial SEC doormats.  

The news came out last week in Wyoming but it took several days for the SEC media to pick up on that fact.  Over at the Vanderbilt site Anchor of Gold there is a poll where Commodore fans can vote on what they expect ACS to do for Vandy.  It will certainly be an interesting 2012 to see how a number of former Pokes in football and basketball do at their new schools.

In completely unrelated news #5 jerseys are 50% off at the University of Wyoming bookstore.  So apparently Wyoming wants to make it really affordable for you to become a Korey Jones fan.  The junior linebacker has been impressive so far and it may be worth getting on the bandwagon sooner then later.