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Brett Smith Officially Named Starting Quarterback

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A nice little treat happened on Tuesday afternoon as Wyoming sent out press release in which freshmen Brett Smith was named the starting quarterback.  In other shocking news:  grass is green, Craig James is awful and Colorado State still sucks.  The only thing unexcepted about this announcement is that it happened today instead of Monday, August 29th when the week one depth is going to be released. 

From the very first scrimmage Smith separated himself from Colby Kirkegaard and Adam Pittser.  He enrolled early at Wyoming and the experience of leading the team during the spring paid huge dividends.  Kirkegaard and Pittser both improved in the second and third scrimmages as they learned the system but it not enough. 

Here are the official stats from the three fall scrimmages.

Player Completions Attempts % Yards TD INT
Brett Smith 48 65 73.8 563 5 1
Colby Kirkegaard 46 65 70.8 325 1 2
Adam Pittser 32 65 49.2 268 2 1


Smith led in every statistical category this fall and certainly earned the starting job.  Kirkegaard will be the backup to start the season and Pitter will be third string.  All three quarterbacks will travel for games and there is a chance all of them may play.  Christensen did say that Pittser could reshirt this year if he is not forced to play.  Would love to give Pittser another year of development and not have him burn a year of eligibility on a few snaps.

Here are a few quotes that Robert Gagliardi was able to get from players and coaches this afternoon regarding Smith:

"He’s extremely confident directing the offense. He’s confident and comfortable in the pocket. When he’s been under pressure he steps up and makes a play. (The offense) is extremely confident in him. He’s a freshman, but he’s a leader. He doesn’t act like a freshman. If you didn’t know him you’d think he was an upper-classman." — junior center Nick Carlson

"The biggest thing about that kid is he’s a great competitor. He will make himself into a great quarterback because of his work ethic, and he loves to compete. It helps he can throw the ball and he’s pretty mobile. He’s got some God-given ability, but its what’s inside the heart that’s going to get him over the top." — offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Gregg Brandon

Very excited to see Smith lead the Pokes in an actual game on September 3rd against Weber State.  His completion percentage has always been above 70% during scrimmages.  It will probably dip some during the season but he can keep it in the low  to mid 60's that would still be an impressive feat.  The highest completion percentage by a starting Wyoming quarterback in the last eight years was ACS with 61.4 last year.  An average of 160 yards passing and one touchdown per game would also exceed the averages of Carta-Samuels.