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Wyoming Depth Chart And Winning Uniform Choice To Be Released Today

We are now just five days away from opening kickoff.  College football actually starts two days prior but Wyoming is focused on their September 3rd opponent Weber State.  After fall camp finished up there hasn't been a lot of breaking news while the team has focused on practice. 

The two big pieces of news that Poke fans we were anticipating will finally be released today.  The week 1 depth chart will be published and know we can finally see who won a few position battles and also which players moved up the ranks.  Coach Christensen has said that the top two at each position should see playing time this year.  The big question mark at QB has already been answered by Brett Smith.

A few other tight battles to watch are running back with Alvester Alexander and Brandon Miller.  Also want to see where freshmen Kody Sutton ends ups.  At receiver a number of freshmen showed that they are ready to play right away.  Dominic Ruffran, Trey Norman and Josh Doctson are all competing for key backup spots.

The offensive line also featured some competitive battles during camp.  Kyle Magnuson and Josh Leonard at right tackle.  John Hutchins and Clayton Kirver and left tackle.  Meanwhile Brandon Self has been trying to find fend off Zach Rushing.  The defensive line returns three starters  but there is a fight for who will replace DT Patrick Mertens who will miss the year due to illness.  Ben Durbin and Kurt Taufa’asau are the leading contenders.  Wyoming has some amazing depth at defensive end and several backups had very strong performances.  Mark Willis bounced back from his knee injury last year and may grab the #2 spot.  Freshmen Eddie Yarbrough certainly showed that he is ready to play right away.  The only question is if the staff will utilize their and try and keep his use a redshirt instead.

Starting middle linebacker Oliver Schober will miss the year due to shoulder surgery.  Devyn Harris make move or the Pokes may move Mark Nzeocha, Korey Jones or Todd Knight into that spot.  In the secondary all the starter seems set.  We also have learned that freshmen Blair Burns will be the #3 cornerback so essentially the first one off the bench.  

The kicker position has grown hotly contested lately as Daniel Sullivan has come on strong after an injury forced him to slow early in camp. Sullivan is battling Stuart Williams field goal and kickoff duties.

The fan participation part of fall camp will finally be unveiled as well.  Wyoming released some new uniforms this summer and a new brown helmet.  Fans were given six options for the helmet, uniform, pant combination to vote for at the beginning of August.  The highest vote getter will determine what the Pokes will wear for the season opener.  Have to figure that the brown helmet will make it's debut.  Results will be released in the afternoon.