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Wyoming Will Wear "Classic" Look For Season Opener

The more things change the more they stay the same.

The fans have spoken and tradition is the winner.  Even though Wyoming released a new helmet and new uniform combinations they let their fans choose what to wear for the season opener.  Only voting was held at the University of Wyoming Athletic site and plenty of fans voiced their opinion.  In the end modern couldn't beat tradition.

In what was a close vote among more than 12,000 votes cast by Cowboy fans, the traditional home combination of brown jersey and gold pants won out. The traditional white helmet with brown Bucking Horse and Rider logo also came in first.

Coming in a close second was the combination of gold jersey and brown pants, with Wyoming's new brown helmet being a close second choice.

"We had a great response from our fans," said Christensen. "Our traditional uniform combination (brown jersey and gold pants) and white helmet came out the slight winner.

It's not surprising that the usual home uniform won as it was the one that fans were most familiar.  Those that wanted to see brown helmet worn then were forced to decided on which jersey/pant combo to go with.  That splintered the fans that wanted to see one of the new looks utilized.

For those of us that were hoping to see the new brown helmets make their debut it will be a short wait.  Due to the closeness of the vote the Pokes will suit up in the brown helmet, gold jersey and brown pants combo in week two against Texas State.  I voted for the second option and glad they will wear in week two since that game is I televised and I can watch it.  The uniforms don't really matter much when you are keeping track of the game via GameTracker.

Wyoming will designate two different captains each week this season.  LB Brian Hendricks and C Nick Carlson will be the first to earn the honor this year.