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CowboyAltitude.Com Turns One Today!

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August 31st is not only college football eve it is also our birthday.  That means that Cowboy Altitude has now been apart of the SB Nation family for one whole year now.  During that time we've covered tragic stories, firings, hirings, tracked airplanes and even covered a few wins.

This blog did exist prior to joining SB Nation but it wasn't that great.  If you still don't think this site is any good then don't hold your breath for it to get any better.  Those of you that do read the site and don't hate it we appreciate you. 

There is enough cake so that all four of my readers can enjoy a huge slice of cake.  Tell one of your buddies to read the site and I'll send them an apple pie since we are out of cake.  If anyone else wants some cake or apple pie send me a check for $30 to cover the cost of baking and shipping.

I will now let my 17 month old daughter type the last sentence of this story.  Enjoy!


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