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14 Weeks Till Wyoming Vs New Mexico

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Mike Locksley has made it a team goal for the New Mexico Lobos to make it to a bowl game this year. That would require them to triple their combine win total from the last two years. Back to back 1-11 seasons have demolished the fanbase of Lobo football. Unfortunately for Wyoming that lone win from 2010 came against the Cowboys.

The 34-31 loss was devastating and a solid offensive performance was ruined by four Wyoming turnovers. Time to put that one in the past and get back to dominating New Mexico. This matchup takes place on November 19th and is the last home game of the year. Two years ago there was a major snowstorm that hit Wyoming and New Mexico barely made it to the game. The stadium had to be cleared of snow and the few hearty fans had a snowball fight in the stands.

Ah yes... Wyoming weather.

One thing new is that for once Locksley will be using a majority of players on the team that he recruited. He also has transfers from schools like Ohio State, West Virginia and Maryland that are now eligible. They did lose Stump Godfrey who was the quarterback for the Lobos last year when they beat Wyoming. Also former four star defensive tackle Calvin Smith also left the program due to lack of playing time.

While Locksley may have convinced himself that his team is ready to make some noise, no one else is drinking the same Kool Aid.

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