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Wyoming QB Race Turns Into a Three Way Competition

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For the last month we've heard that two freshmen will be the contenders for the starting job at Wyoming.  Well scratch that as there is now a new name that needs to be added to that list.  Walk on sophomore Colby Kirkegaard hails from Arizona where he spent the last year at Phoenix CC.  He decided to come to Laramie and a chance at the open spot here instead of returning to lead his team.

"We have three guys that are competing for the spot right now and that will go throughout our four scrimmages."

Even though there have only been two real days of practice Kirkegaard has done enough to impress the coaches.  At media days the coaches said that Kirkehaard is in the mix and will practice with the 1's along with Brett Smith and Adam Pittser.  He is an interesting player that will certainly add some depth at the position and some experience.  He is 6-3 205lbs and is more of a pocket passer then a dual threat quarterback.  In 10 games last he threw for 1,695 yards on 54% passing and 12 touchdowns.

Coming out of high school he was rated three stars by Rivals but never landed any division one offers. This is definitely a positive for me as the team certainly needed another player at quarterback.  His experience is certainly going to help his teammates and he will also provide depth at the position.  This also increases the chances that one quarterback may be able to redshirt.  Obviously it is way to early to tell if that may actually happen and how to rank all the candidates right now.

In other news today senior WR Jonathon Aiken will be redshirting this year.  He had some academic concerns in the spring but it sounds the like staff  really wants to focus on his skill set and get him ready for a monster year in 2012.  Also injured OL Daniel Fleischman is progressing well and may be available sooner then expected.

Check out this video from Kirkegaard from last year.  He will be wearing #11 this year which gets him brownie points in my book.