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Wyoming Basketball Highlights From 1991


I know it is football season but I found this and thought it was worth sharing.  Anytime you get to listen to "Hammer Time"  it is always a good time.  This is from the 199-92 season where the Pokes finished 16-13 under Benny Dees.  Reggie Slater was a senior and averaged 17 points and 11 rebounds and two assists.  Tim Breaux was a junior who averaged 16 points and four rebounds.  This was the freshman year for Theo Ratliff who didn't see much playing time.

Can't wait for Wyoming basketball to start practice this fall and see how all the new players perform.  Also the veterans have been working hard this summer and really should be in great shape.  Plenty of optimism surrounding the program and for good reason.  That doesn't necessarily mean the Pokes are on the verge of a conference championship but it certainly appears like the team is headed in the right direction.