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Wyoming Cowboys To Honor 9/11 Victims With Special Helmet Decal

Saturday was supposed to be special because the new all brown helmets were set to make their debut. The day will be come even more memorable as Wyoming will special American flag decals over the Steamboat logo to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11. I love the brown helmets but if you are going to put a decal on helmet like this then there is no better weekend then this one.

For all the young players on the team they were just eight or years old and 9/11 has had a huge effect on their lives ever since. I was in college ten years ago and I still remember that day vividly and watching the footage in class. My professor had a brother who was a NYC police officer and couldn't watch it anymore and left class early.

This will also be an important weekend locally for Wyoming athletes as they will pay tribute to the eight cross country runners who were killed in a car accident which is also nearing it's 10 year anniversary on September 16th. The family of Ruben Narcisse will also be in Laramie for the game. Narcisse was killed in a car accident last Labor Day.

Hat tip to David Scadden.