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Wyoming Pounds Texas State 45-10

What a difference a week makes for the Wyoming defense.  After struggling to stop Weber State last week the Cowboy defense turned a new leaf and held Texas State (0-2) to just 189 yards en route to a 45-10 blow.  Wyoming improved to 2-0 on the year and had a fantastic performance on both sides of the ball. 

The game started off close in the first half with Wyoming holding a 17-10 lead.  The depth and pressure of Wyoming ended up being too much for the Bobcats as the Cowboys went on to score 28 unanswered points in the second half.  This game was so fun to watch compared to the barn-burner last week and followed by a week of wondering how the defense would respond.

Let's take a look at how how impressive the offense was tonight.

  • 618 total yards on offense,  236 passing and 382 rushing.  That is the highest output for the Cowboys since the 682 yards they put up against Hawaii in 1995. 
  • All three running backs had over 100 total yards.  Ghaali Muhammad totaled 123 yards on the ground and one TD.  Brandon Miller ran for 101 yards and had his first career TD.  Alvester Alexander ran for 65 yards and then caught a 48 yard pass.  Brett Smith also added 73 yards and two rushing touchdowns.
  • Brett Smith was not sacked once the entire game.  The offensive line gave him plenty of time to find his receivers and opened up massive running lanes in the second half.  The Bobcat defensive line is undersized and the Cowboys handled them perfectly. 
  • Converted 11/16 third downs and kept the ball moving quickly.  The longest scoring drive lasted just 4:26 minutes.

While the defense received plenty of blame last week - this week they deserve plenty of praise.  Often teams make the most adjustments from week one to week two and that certainly was the case here.  Other then the lone touchdown drive by Texas State it was pure domination.

  • DE Korey Jones pulled off the sacred bowling achievement of a turkey by sacking Tyler Arndt on three consecutive plays for a combined loss of 24 yards.  
  • Held the Bobcats to just 76 yards rushing a week after they ran for 256 against Texas Tech. 
  • Allowed just 5/15 third down conversions. 
  • An interception by LB Mark Nzeocha and CB Marqueston Huff helped the Pokes win the turnover battle 3-2.  Brian Hendricks also recovered a fumble. 

Texas State used two different quarterbacks in Shaun Rutherford and Tyler Arndt.  Rutherford is the option QB and he gave the Pokes some trouble.  However Coach Fran went with the pocket passer Tyler Arndt and then the offense stopped clicking.  He really needs to go with Rutherford full time otherwise it could be a along season there for Texas State.  We'll see the Bobcats in 2013 down in San Marcos and I would expect the game to be much more competitive since it will be their second year in the WAC by that time.

A couple final thoughts here tonight.  Damn those brown helmets looked sharp today!  The American flag decals looked great and I love the brown helmets paired with the gold jersey.  The song from Team America "America, F**K YA!" pops into my head whenever I looked at the uniforms and helmet today.  This was great to see Wyoming succeed so well after last weeks struggles.  There is plenty of work to be done and the road only gets tougher from here.  In the mean time feel free to soak this one for another day or two.

Be sure to check the site tomorrow when we post our awards for this victory.  It will be tough to try and pick the winner for our Cowboy Joe award.