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Awards And Highlights For Wyoming vs Texas State

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That was a hell of a game yesterday by Wyoming on both sides of the ball. That makes handing out awards that much tougher due to there being so many fine performances,  This is a tough job and somebody has to do it.  We'll give it our best shot here.  Feel free to nominate your own picks for any of these awards in the comments.

Wyoming has now scored 80 points this year and has over 1000 total yards of offense.  That is a great way to get the averages up!

Cowboy Joe:  Who to choose here?  After a rough game last week the defense certainly turned things around.  I'd the say the performance of DE Korey Jones exemplifies the effort with his three consecutive sacks on one series.  That set the tone for the second half and a dominating performance.

Honorable Mention:  The offensive line for giving Brett Smith enough time in the pocket to do a painting, drink some tea and throw a forty yard pass.  The running lanes were also large and often which helped the running game put up over 300 yards. 

Cowboy Low:  The only down performance was by punter Austin McCoy who had three bad kicks on all three of his attempts.  He finished with an average of 21.3 yards per punt and a long of 29.  McCoy is usually very reliable and was fantastic in week one.  The short punts gave Texas State a short field several times but they didn't capitalize every time.  Luckily the Wyoming defense fixed this issue by scoring so much that McCoy didn't need to punt. 

Cowboy Foe:  Safety Aaron Matthews was impressive all game long for Texas State.  He is a hard hitter and punished Wyoming ball carriers and receivers seveal times.  Matthews finished with 13 tackles and an interception on the day.

Again it was great to see Wyoming have such a decisive victory on Saturday.  It was almost as fun as the Border War last year. 

Feel free to nominate your own picks.