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Week 3 Mountain West Picks

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Week two was a fairly good one for the Mountain West and our pickers.  Here is our updated standings after those results.  San Diego State barely held on for the victory over Army otherwise we all would have been in trouble.  If you want to check out the last week's slate of games then just read this.


Previous Total Last Week Score Total
Matt H. 7 6 13
Brad 7 6 13
Matt B. 7 6 13
Ian 6 6 12
Skyler 6 7 13
Chad 6 7 13


So we've got a barn burner going here still.  I had the opportunity to take a one point lead but was the only person to choose UNLV to beat Washington State.  That was so incredibly wrong it's not even funny.   

We have a couple more interesting games this week so we should have more differential in the points at the end of this week.  Two closest games are the Buff's and Rams and then San Diego State hosting Washington State.  We'll finally find out if Washington State is for real this week.   CSU can equal their win total from last year if they can win on Saturday.

Chad is the first person to not pick Wyoming to win this year.  Doesn't mean he's not a Pokes fan here, just realistic since the Cowboys are now 9.5 point underdogs.  Since we score double points for the Wyoming game there is a chance he could move way ahead or fall back here.


Week Three Matt H. Brad Ian Matt B.
Skyler Chad
Boise State at Toledo Boise Boise Boise Boise Boise Boise
Wyoming at Bowling Green Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Bowling Green
Colorado State at Colorado Rams Buffs Buffs Rams Buffs Buffs
New Mexico vs Texas Tech Texas Tech Texas Tech Texas Tech Texas Tech Texas Tech Texas Tech
San Diego State vs Wash. St. SDSU Wazzu SDSU Wazzu Wazzu SDSU
UNLV vs Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii
Poke Pick Brandon Miller Luke Ruff Robert Herron Ghaali Muhammad Alvester Alexander Josh Biezuns